Announcement: Some Essentials of Umrah

Umrah is the visit of the person in the Holy land of Saudi Arabia in order to perform the religious rites and visit the sacred lands of the land in order to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Umrah is a small journey and does not include all the rites as those are included in Hajj. However, Umrah is sometimes called the Minor Hajj of Muslims as the virtues and blessings are equivalent to the hajj. Umrah is not essential for any Muslim, but those who can afford the journey must undertake the journey in order to grab the virtues and rewards of visiting the Allah’s place. Among the essentials of Umrah, there are the Ihram and Tawaf-e-Kaaba while Saee and Halq are optional, but offering them can be a great blessing for the Pilgrims. Al Fatimah Travels  are proud to present cheap Hajj and Umrah packages including flights in reasonable prices which can be borne by the pilgrims. Contact the best travel service providers for Umrah packages 2016.

Wearing Ihram

After the selection of the travel partners, all the preparations of the stay, visit to different important and sacred places and the selection of hotels is the duty of Al Fatimah Travels. 2016 Umrah packages from Manchester can also be acquired if needed by the residents of the place who have the eternal wish of viewing the beautiful scenes and showers of blessings. Once the journey is about to start the Ihram is worn and the nails are cut and also the hair cutting is done as all these things are then prohibited in the state of Ihram. Muslims declare their intention of visiting the land and starts reciting the Talbiya and other prayers which are Masnoon. The best deals for Ramadan Umrah packages 2016 with Al Fatimah travels undoubtedly helping the people to fulfil the biggest wish of their life.

Taking Ghusl & Set off for Tawaf

Once the pilgrims reach Makkah there is the need for accommodation, a place where one can take some rest and then perform the Ghusl to become fresh, so that the rites and Tawaf can be done with energy and love. This problem is however solved by the Al Fatimah Travels  as the Best Umrah Packages for 2016 are available for the pilgrims. So they can simply leave off to the location and get ready for the Tawaf. It is recommended that if the Salah time is there, then the pilgrims must first offer the prayer and then set off for the Tawaf.

Best Solution Providers

People having the urge of visiting the Holy Land of Makkah must check out the reliable and affordable Umrah Packages 2015 with which they wish can be accomplished while the charges can also be managed by them. It is according to the needs of the pilgrims and their demands that which package will suit their requirements, but Al Fatimah Travels  present the Umrah Packages 2016 including flights. One can acquire the services of the Travel providers as they are the source of reliable package for Umrah in 2016. May, Allah accept the Umrah and Hajj of all pilgrims.

Primary teaching jobs

This is how you find dream primary teaching jobs

Finding your dream primary teaching jobs can be a lot simpler and significantly more straightforward than a lot of people make it out to be.

Sure, competition for the best primary teaching jobs is incredibly high, and finding your dream primary teaching jobs can feel like a daunting task if you haven’t ever had to move through this process in the past. But armed with the inside information we are able to outline for you below – and with a little bit of luck – you’ll be able to land the best primary teaching jobs for your specific situation without much trouble or difficulty at all.

Let’s dig right in.

Outline the kinds of classes, activities, and electives that you’ve taught in the past and that you’d like to teach in the future

It is going to be patently impossible for you to find your dream primary teaching jobs without first outlining exactly what those positions are going to look like in the first place.

This is why you’ll want to spend the bulk of your search really honing in on what your ideal position looks like, the kinds of classes, activities, and electives that you are going to be teaching, and what that ideal position entails in as vivid detail as humanly possible.

When you take care of outlining your expectations like this the rest of the pieces of the puzzle seem to just fall into place all on their own.

Come up with a list of the areas and school districts that you’d like to work within

Finding the best primary teaching jobs usually has a lot to do with the position itself, but the school area or school district that you are working within is also going to be a major motivating factor between whether or not you take one job or the next.

After you have outlined what your ideal primary teaching job looks like you want to begin to look for school districts and geographical areas that have schools that fit those specific needs. It’s a lot easier to take this reverse approach and find the best jobs than it is to follow the traditional route.

Target specific schools and find out exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to primary teaching jobs

Now that you have narrowed your options significantly you want to begin to research all of the different specific schools in that geographical area would distract in the laser target your search.

Research the schools speak to teachers there if you have the opportunity to do so, and really tried to figure out exactly what – and who – they are looking for to fill any of the other available primary teaching jobs.

This incident information will really help you fast track the job search significantly and give you the kind of opportunity to secure positions that you may not have been able to otherwise.

Be sure to send your application into multiple members of the administration to improve your odds of successfully landing an interview and you’ll be well on your way to filling the best primary teaching jobs available!

Key Trends in the Sports Industry in 2016: Can You Leverage Them?

It is an exciting time to be running a sports-focussed business or coordinating a group or team, especially with the Rio Olympics and the UEFA Euro 2016 competition firmly on the horizon.


Events such as Euro 2016 obviously offer lots of opportunities for marketing initiatives and business strategies, but what are the other key trends of the year?

Over-the-Top (OTT) Streaming Platforms

This is the delivery of media content, such as sporting matches and shows, across the internet. It can be particularly beneficial for smaller organisations that want to offer their fans or clients information or entertainment they cannot find elsewhere.

This could involve anything from early-round matches to netball drills, such as those accessed when people look at for netball drill videos, or tennis coaching and football training tips.

Sports Betting

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are a relatively new phenomenon, but their popularity is growing at a rapid rate. Prize pots are increasing, as is interest, but this is prompting talk of greater regulation in America. Discover more about the legality of sports betting in the US and possible changes on the Forbes website at

There is much talk about the legalisation of general sports betting in America. This could open up opportunities for a variety of business and teams, as well as for fans and supporters.

Cognitive Analytics and Wearables

Advances in technology are opening up a multitude of opportunities for professional and amateur sporting enthusiasts and trainers alike. These range from increased health and training benefits to sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

Better Use of Assets

Teams and businesses look set to continue to use a greater number of ways to increase sponsorship revenues. These include digital and mobile platforms. There is also a growing trend in reinventing existing assets, such as leasing out stadium space when it’s not in use.

New Ways to Attract Fans

The plethora of ways of offering sporting footage means teams must increasingly compete to drag fans away from their sofas. Many experts suggest that investment should be made in technological infrastructure at sporting venues to boost fan engagement.

The Growth of e-Sports

The popularity of professional video gaming looks set to continue with the development of more competitive platforms and infrastructure improvements to facilitate massive growth.

Start Your Work On Process Improvement Projects With A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

If you’d have a choice to boost your career and enjoy increased opportunities, would you go for a Six Sigma black belt certification? In case you don’t know what this is or how it could help you, then here are the top reasons why you need to get your certification and how it could change your career.


Most companies today lose a lot of opportunities. These opportunities can be missed in terms of quality, features or just about any defects that somehow slips in the production process. Six Sigma black belts are experts which can jump in and help eliminate these flaws, increasing the chance of success and boosting yield up to a percentage of 99.99966. You can imagine that these experts are highly valuable for their company. The good news is that you can become such an expert, and obtaining a Six Sigma black belt certification is easier than you might expect. You can apply online, pay a reasonable rate and then get more than 180 hours of training from experts who have worked on countless improvement projects.

You will become familiarized with the DMAIC phases and learn all the analytical, statistical and control tools to implement them. This program is self-paced, so if you have a demanding job or other responsibilities, you should be able to complete it in your own time. With a Six Sigma certification, you will be able to apply to high managerial positions within just about any company in the country needing an expert to work, on improvement projects.

What are you waiting for?

Land that dream job and become a Black Belt today with one of the best online training programs. Get your Six Sigma black belt certification through one of the most respected centers in the States and start a new career as a quality control engineer.

Evaluation your Charge card Statement!

You need to review your credit card statements for many reasons: in order to verify dealings and obligations; pay focus on the deadline; look for fines; and be aware credit line/ restrict and credit score available.

Transactions and payments

Verify the actual transactions in your bill such as items billed by matching these phones your bills or a minimum of review the actual list for whatever you don’t identify. Whatever you cannot verify, contact the credit card company to obtain more information to find out if you want to dispute this or for those who have been the victim associated with Identity Thievery. Confirm the actual payment about the statement using the amount a person sent possibly by examine or on the internet bill spend.

Due date, amount due and minimum payment

Hint…the due date is not a suggestion!

Ensure that you allow plenty of time for your installments to end up being received, processed as well as clear the financial institution. If you’re mailing your own payment you need to allow more hours for it to become received, which reaches least no less than 7 company days. Online expenses pay typically takes about 2 days to become posted. The quantity due is actually listed combined with the minimum repayment. If a person pay the actual minimum or perhaps a portion from the balance because of, you may incur curiosity charges. There’s a fairly brand new section about the statement, because of the GREETING CARD Act, that includes just how long it will require repaying the greeting card balance, should you only help to make the minimal payments.

Fees and penalties

Look with regard to fees charged through the credit card issuer such because late costs, interest, and extra penalties. You must know the reason you had been billed with regard to these and how to prevent them later on. For instance, late costs can put into your bill any time you are past due. In add-on, the rate of interest can increase and perhaps double, since you have compensated late. The small print explains how balance is determined and exactly how payments tend to be posted.

Credit line/credit limit and credit available

The expenses also listings the credit score line/limit that’s the maximum you are able to charge about the card. Additionally, it lists the actual credit obtainable or just how much you may charge. This may be the difference of the credit limit and also the amount your debt. You do not want surprises in your bill and you have to be aware from the penalties. Your expenses contain plenty of information, which is principally in small print that may be intimidating. Most of all, don’t disregard you expenses; pay it promptly and entirely if feasible.

With the actual recent surge of main retailers becoming hacked for his or her customers’ credit card information, all of us need to examine our claims religiously.

4 Items to Remember While Choosing credit cards

In the move in the direction of a cashless culture, credit cards give a degree associated with convenience which just can’t be matched by nearly every other type of payment. With charge cards in the wallet, we don’t have to worry regarding our safety and security while transporting around a sizable amount of cash in money.

Apart through allowing us comfortable access to funding and unequaled purchase provides, credit cards also allow us within documenting the daily costs and is definitely an asset within reaching the savings objectives. Intelligent utilization of credit card could make us generate extra incentive points. Regardless of all these types of benefits, injudicious utilization of credit cards has switch sides too, which may land a person in serious distress.

Here are some tips how to use charge cards intelligently which will help you in successfully utilizing your charge card.

1) The very first thing you must do is pick the best card to match your requirements. The most crucial point you should look at while selecting credit cards is the eye rate. Choosing the card along with high interest could be a huge load. Moreover, remember how the one dimension fits just about all approach cannot work for credit cards, a greeting card with energy benefits is better used with regard to fuel, while 1 with atmosphere miles benefits is better if employed for travel costs like air travel bookings.

2) Before making use of your credit greeting card in trivialities, do not really overlook the truth that the money you’re splurging through credit cards is mainly a short-term mortgage, which you need to pay back later on and it may possess a high interest rate if not really paid inside the due day. Overspending via your greeting card can property you within massive debt that may wreak havoc for your finances. Credit greeting card debt can result in low credit ratings that hinder finances over time. Also, browse the full contract, and conditions and terms before trying to get any charge card so you are conscious of the inner workings of this particular debt.

3) Well-timed repayment of credit card debt within the actual billing date will help you avoid engaging in financial debt. Pay focus on your month-to-month statements, because of dates, fees and rates of interest to prevent any additional charges. Paying the actual minimum because of amount can lead to huge curiosity payouts, whilst not paying or even settling your charge card dues results in a serious adverse effecton your credit rating. So perform it wise and be sure you never skip your scheduled charge card payments. If for reasons unknown you cannot pay away your charge card dues inside the stipulated period, try and obtain those transformed into EMIs in order to save on the eye charges.

4) Keep a hawk’s attention on using credit card to prevent being the victim associated with financial scams. By having to pay extra attention you are able to avoid as being a prey of charge card scammers. Additionally, avoid permitting others to make use of your charge card and in no way disclose the charge card PIN in order to others to prevent the chance of fraudulent dealings.

By sticking with these easy tips you will get the most from your credit greeting card, while making certain you steer clear of the key pitfalls related to its make use of.

Tips to eliminate credit card help

Credit cards really are a great device for assisting you out within an emergency as well as just with regard to rewards points with time when you are using all of them. In truth, they happen to be able in order to save people within tight situations more often than once. Unfortunately, it is also really difficult to keep an eye on and repay the bad debts on all of them. In truth, Bank rate launched a study that demonstrated that just 52% associated with Americans convey more savings than credit debt, showing that this can be a real problem in America. Ideally, you’d possess a larger cost savings. Here really are a few ways to eliminate those creditors and begin focusing in your savings.

  • Make a plan and stick to it

The very first thing you will want to do is create a plan. Maybe you will stop using charge cards all collectively and reduce them upward, or perhaps you’ll restrict what you should use on the actual cards until how much money you owe in it is decreased. Whatever it might be, it is actually essential that you start by creating a plan. The larger problem is that you simply actually stay with the strategy. If you’ve poor investing habits, avoiding additional spending could be really difficult, so you need to be very careful in order to find ways in order to remind yourself of the goals.

  • Balance transfers or personal loans

One from the ways which Americans have this type of big issue with charge cards is that they’ll have four to five from a lot of different businesses. It is actually stressful to handle that numerous accounts, and recalling each repayment date or rate of interest is nearly painful. The Huffing ton Publish recommends attempting a stability transfer or personal bank loan. The fundamental idea behind these two options would be to consolidate your financial troubles into one place, so you can pay it back with one payment a month at one rate.

Having a balance move, you are becoming a brand new card as well as transferring balance from the actual old card in a very small as well as 0% rate of interest. It is actually tricky since the new rate of interest will just last annually until these jumps up a lot, and any kind of missed payment will even lead in order to increased prices. Many occasions, you cannot transfer several cards on to one brand new card possibly, so it does not work quite in addition to debt loan consolidation.

A personal bank loan works by allowing you to pay off everything owed money at the same time and after that having 1 payment to another company rather than the credit card help. If thinking about either of those options, it may be beneficial to consult with an expert to assist determine if it’s the correct move which it works in your circumstances.

5 Success Tips in Landing a Job after Graduation

You’ve spent many years at your grad school, working towards earning your degree, and successfully accomplished it. What next? This is a confusing question for many fresh graduates who walk off the convocation ceremony. Need not worry, a real new world awaits you outside. Be smart and grab it on the go.


At the first point, your need to get a job. With a fresher tag stuck on to your forehead, getting your first job is a bit daunting but not impossible. There is a tight post-recession scenario, but candidates who go about it well always land on the right opportunity. Here, we are trying to put together 5 top tips for new graduates to land on a good job.


Make a right start, play it cool


You may fear that everyone else have already figured it out and you are trailing in graduate job hunt, but this is not the case. Don’t be in a haste to do things, take your time, and make the right move. Most of your peers too are stressed to finish their preparations on CV and other things to apply for jobs. A CV is the key. Let’s further see how to go about it.


Significance of a cover letter


It is essential to have a winning cover letter while you do job hunt. A cover letter is your right tool to present your personality and custom tailor yourself to some specific roles. Remember that the recruiters are getting hundreds of CVs daily and it is a well-crafted cover letter, which make them decide whom to be called for an interview.


A cover letter needed to be customised for the job you’re applying for. Try to avoid the generic salutation like ‘To whom it may concern’ etc, but identify whom to address and be specific.


3) Do right amount of homework


The more work and planning you do for this will benefit you the most on a long run. Visit the website of the company you apply to and do some research. Make your CV more relevant based on your research. For example, you can prepare a value statement about yourself, which is best matching to the organisational goals and mission. Doing it successfully will make them identify you as their right choice.


4) Be positive and confident


Follow this rule even at the minute aspects of your job search. Say for example, don’t write in your CV as ‘I think I have the capability to’ or ‘I may be good at’. Not just into writing, but it is the same when you get a chance to meet an employer during an interview. Confidence can take you a long way. Remember that the recruiters rarely see the perfect candidate when they do headhunting. If you are rightly focused on making them convinced what you can deliver than want you can’t, you remain the right pick.


5) You are selling yourself, not your degree


When you are applying for a job, you are relevant to the organisation than your degree. Degree may be most of the times a filtration criteria. Sometimes, your degree won’t be having high relevance to a position you’re applying for, but still you hold a chance.


Rather than lingering around the title of your degree, look past to identify what skills you have gained along the way as taking the pressure of deadline, analytical skills, communication and presentations skills, and logical approach. Make these your unique selling points, and success lies in how effectively you can communicate these USP’s to an employer.


Make others know it when you are searching for a job and do proper networking to reach to places. It is also good to get some internship experience, which can instantly rub off your fresher tag. Most importantly, remember you don’t have to take the failures personally if you are getting rejected, even the top CEO’s you see now were rejected many times initially.

Supply teaching jobs

A couple of helpful hints to assist you in filling available supply teaching jobs with professionals

Trying to fill available supply teaching jobs with qualified professionals can prove to be significantly more challenging than a lot of people expect it to be – but that doesn’t mean that it has to be the headache or hassle that many educational organizations and programs have struggled with in the past.

By utilizing the information we include below you’ll be able to more effectively streamline the hiring process to help you find the best professionals, the best educators, and the best fits for all of the available supply teaching jobs that you have been hoping to fill.

Let’s dig right in.

Do in-depth research regarding their educational and experience track record

There is a world of difference between simply glossing over the names of the universities and businesses on a CV that someone has sent in with their initial screening and application package and actually diving into the information provided to understand a lot more about the history there.

You’re going to want to know:

  • The kinds of educational programs that these teachers move forward with at University
  • The kinds of continuing training and educational opportunities they have taken advantage of since graduation
  • The kinds of companies or educational programs that they have worked at previously and their track record there

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Really dig into this reference information, contact the individuals that they have left as referrals, and go in depth in these applications in a way that many people trying to fill supply teaching jobs simply will not.

Set up multiple interviews with prospective candidates so that everyone involved has an opportunity to weigh in

The hiring process to help fill open supply teaching jobs is almost always going to involve multiple layers of management and multiple administrators, which is why you’re going to want to be sure that you establish a number of individual interviews (and group interviews) that allow everyone in the hiring process to spend a little bit of time with these candidates before making a decision.

While you don’t necessarily want to bog the process down or extend it any longer than absolutely necessary, if you are serious about filling these supply teaching jobs with only the best educators and professionals you need to be sure that you are gathering as much information as possible and bouncing it off of as many influencers as you can.

Don’t rush the hiring process

At the end of the day, you simply cannot afford to rush the hiring process even if you feel that you are really up against a wall filling supply teaching jobs.

These teaching positions are going to be incredibly important and the professionals that you hire to fill these open positions are going to be responsible for providing an outstanding education to those enrolled in these courses and that these educational programs.

You simply cannot afford to take this process lightly. Though you don’t want to draw the process out any longer than necessary, you really want to be sure that you’re hiring the right people for these supply teaching jobs and making a long-term decision versus a short-term one.

Mobile Access Safety Training

There are many occasions when construction, repair, and contract workers need to gain access to areas that would normally be considered to have limited access. Different requirements lead to the use of different types of machinery and equipment, and while Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) may be suitable for some projects, mobile access towers are generally considered safer, more convenient, and more practical, in those instances where longer term access is required, or where workers will need access to a larger area.


Such platforms are commonly used, but they carry inherent health and safety risks, not least because they require the construction of a potentially hazardous tower and also facilitate working at height, and it is important that any operators and workers that construct or use the tower have the appropriate level of training. Many employers, and even some insurers, require that workers have training that is recognised by the industry body, Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA). PASMA training not only helps ensure that those responsible for erecting the tower are safe, but that others around the elevated tower are also safe.


Working at height poses a major hazard to construction and repair workers. Poorly constructed scaffolding, or the use of improper equipment, increases the chances of scaffolding users falling and injuring themselves, while improper working while up the tower means that accidents can lead to injuries and even death for those below. Such incidents account for approximately half of all workplace deaths in the UK, showing how important it is that your employees have the appropriate training for working at heights.


Industry body PASMA has created a set of best practices and working guidelines, that help to minimise or eliminate the risk of potential injuries and accidents. When applied, these guidelines can ensure the safety of all those that are around the scaffolding towers. Employees can be sent for PASMA training at accredited centres, including training for the safe use of a range of different tower styles, and on completion of the training, employees receive a PASMA card which shows that they are authorised to work safely on such equipment.


If you are an individual and looking to become more employable by construction companies, then a PASMA training card can help. Some employers only consider new recruits that already have these cards, which remain valid for a period of five years before they need to be renewed, while others will send new employees to receive the appropriate training and to get their PASMA card. If you already have training, and have a valid PASMA card, it means that you will have an upper hand over those that do not.


Safety is important to everybody. Employees need to be sure that they are safe, while employers not only have the welfare of their employees to worry about, but they also need to ensure that the business is covered. Accidents may not lead to injuries, but they can still cause damage, slow progress, and ultimately cost a project money. PASMA training can help ensure that this does not become reality.


The Safety Maintenance Company Limited offers a host of PASMA and IPAF training courses, is an accredited training centre, and can meet all of your training requirements, regardless of how many attendees you have of the type of PASMA training needed.